What’s Up at the Marion Municipal Airport

In late summer, two annual events roar down the runaway at the Marion Municipal Airport in Marion, Indiana. They’re exciting, exotic and unexpected. In mid-August, the Indy Airstrip Attack brings extreme horsepower and side-by-side tarmac racing exceeding 200 mph. Then, on Saturday during Labor Day weekend, the Fly/In Cruise/In showcases both classic aircraft and vintage vehicles. Here’s what you can expect at these out-of-bounds, thrilling events.

2024 Dates
Indy Airstrip Attack – Aug. 9, 10 & 11
Fly/In Cruise/In – Aug. 31

See exotic and powerful cars at Indy Airstrip Attack.

Indy Airstrip Attack

Side-by-side 1/2 mile racing down the Marion Municipal Airport runway.

Airstrip Attack was founded in 2011 by Shift-S3ctor owners Jason Huang and Ryan Fisher. This seemingly crazy concept was derived from the desire to find legal and safe venues to test the limits of speed and performance. Looking for longer stretches to race than a typical drag racetrack offering (1/4 mile), airport tarmacs came to mind. These runways provided a ½ mile straight track that push cars to their horsepower limits, generating jaw-dropping speeds. It was then, the Airstrip Attack series was born. Now, this series offers a season-long points chase with cash prizes and manufacturer products awards.

Over the years, the half mile has become the new take-it-to-the-limit standard. These events cater not only to the fastest, most powerful street cars, but also welcome stock and slightly modified vehicles to test their speed.

Since 2016, this event has ignited the Marion Municipal Airport runway. Known for its “grippy” and dust-free runway, it is ideal for side-by-side, trap speed competition and grudge racing. Drivers come for all across the continent. See Lamborghinis, Bugattis and other exotic cars. Witness the BMW/Mercedes AMG and motorcycle shootouts. In Marion, you’ll see some of the fastest, most powerful cars in the world SPARKLE and SPEED down the runway. Spectators are welcome, but tickets are limited. Advance ticket purchase is recommended.

If it is Classic and flies or drives, you’ll see it at Fly/In Cruise/In.

Fly/In Cruise/In

On Saturday during Labor Day Weekend, Fly/In Cruise/In is a HUGE event that brings together vintage aircraft and classic cars, trucks, motorcycles and tractors! The day is kicked off with a pancake breakfast that benefits the Grant County Rescue Mission programs. Even though trams are available, you’ll need the hearty breakfast to fuel you as you explore this enormous event at the Marion Municipal Airport.

The classic aircraft range from antique and warbird to homebuilt and ultralight. Also on display, are rotorcraft, biplanes and warbird aircraft. Vintage war planes are often the stars of the show and vary year-to-year. In 2024, see the WWII 1942 C-53-DO Skytrooper “Beach City Baby.” Satisfy your inner pilot. Take an open cockpit biplane ride for a fee.  

Free open cockpit biplane rides

For vehicles that cruise on the ground, you’ll see classic and customized cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors and exotics! As you are browsing through rows of classic and antique beauties, look for vintage fire trucks, autocycles and even military vehicles.

It is a feast for the eyes, even in the skies! Mark your calendars for the first Saturday in September. It is one day only, rain or shine. Admission and parking are free.

Marion Municipal Airport, 5904 S Western Ave, Marion, IN 46953

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