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Quilters Hall of Fame

926 S Washington St
Marion, IN 46953

Phone: 765-664-9333
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International in scope, the Quilters Hall of Fame was founded by Hazel Carter of Vienna, VA to celebrate and document the lives of those who have made outstanding contributions to the world of quilting. View unique quilts in the beautiful surroundings of Marie Webster’s restored Colonial Revival house. Explore the studio where Marie wrote her landmark book in the early 1900’s and where she conducted her quilt business. Each year during the 3rd week of July, a quilting celebration with a variety of classes and lectures is offered as a new honoree to the Hall of Fame is inducted. The Quilters Hall of Fame is housed in the Marie Webster House, which was designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service in 1993. Open mid February thru mid-December annually, Thursday-Saturday 10am-3pm.

Grant County

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Grant County, Indiana, is home to nifty attractions, outtasight events and rebellious celebrities. Whether it’s saddle shoes, classic cars, vintage bikes, James Dean, or Garfield, we love everything classic and cool. Have a blast just 90 minutes North of Indy.

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