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James Dean Cut-Out Murals

425 N Main St
Fairmount, IN 46928

Phone: 765-948-3326
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John Cerney, renowned muralist from Salinas, California, has created and installed three big  James Dean cut-out murals. The first mural is James Dean in his “rebel pose” located at the James Dean Gallery, 425 N. Main Street in Fairmount, Indiana. A second larger mural was installed in Marion on State Road 18 at the entrance of Ballard Field. The third mural is a scene from the movie East of Eden on State Road 26 in Fairmount. Find all three bigger-than-life murals and don’t forget to take some photos! Read more on the artist and his inspiration/

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Grant County, Indiana, is home to nifty attractions, outtasight events and rebellious celebrities. Whether it’s saddle shoes, classic cars, vintage bikes, James Dean, or Garfield, we love everything classic and cool. Have a blast just 90 minutes North of Indy.

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