The Abbey Coffee Co.

1500 S. Western Ave.
Marion, IN 46953

Phone: 765-677-1633
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When our founder Chris DeMarse started roasting small-batch coffee in his garage in 2012, he honed his craft with conviction and shared his product among friends. He noticed that, at the time, micro-roasted coffee wasn’t very accessible locally. It wasn’t even part of the local conversation. Naturally this sparked his mission to serve specialty coffee in Marion, Indiana. Craft coffee. Small-town community. Chris knew he had a sacred blend, one that reminded him of the monastic in a way. So when the shop opened in the fall of 2013, naming it The Abbey Coffee Co. seemed fitting. Roastmaster Levi McClish honors our roots by roasting our coffee in small batches, which is both served locally and sent coast-to-coast. We roast, cup, and brew all our coffee out in the café itself Our mission is still focused on making great coffee accessible, right here in Grant County. Because great coffee isn’t meant to be exclusive to the big cities or the privileged. Great coffee is meant to be shared. Mon-Fri 7am-9pm, Sat 8am-9pm.

Grant County

About Grant County

Grant County, Indiana, is home to nifty attractions, outtasight events and rebellious celebrities. Whether it’s saddle shoes, classic cars, vintage bikes, James Dean, or Garfield, we love everything classic and cool. Have a blast just 90 minutes North of Indy.

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