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Pay tribute to James Dean in Fairmount, Indiana.

James Dean Festival and Ducktail Run |  James Dean Gallery and Fairmount Museum

Walk the James Dean Trail in downtown Fairmount, Indiana year round, or attend annual events such as the James Dean memorial service.

At 5:45 on September 30, 1955 the world lost movie star James Dean but gained a timeless legend. Fairmount, Indiana native James Dean made only three movies in his short life: East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, and Giant, but the mark he made on an entire culture is his true legacy. Celebrate his life at the annual James Dean Memorial Service and the Remembering James Dean festival. Or explore the James Dean Landmarks Trail and the James Dean Gallery year round.

Explore Fairmount, Indiana’s James Dean Trail

Download a map of the James Dean Landmarks Trail.

Take a tour of the James Dean Landmarks Trail: see the motorcycle shop where Dean bought his first motorcycle, take a picture at the James Dean memorial downtown, visit Friends Church where his funeral was held, and leave a remembrance at James Dean’s headstone in Fairmount, Indiana’s Park Cemetery. Afterwards, take a ride to Marion, Indiana, the Home of the Hog, to visit James Dean’s Birth Site Memorial.

If You Visit the James Dean Landmarks Trail in Fairmount, Indiana

  • Dates and Hours: The James Dean Landmarks Trail in Dean’s hometown, Fairmount, Indiana, is available year round. However, the best time to visit is during late spring, the summer, and early fall. Visiting during the Remembering James Dean Festival can be exciting but also very crowded.
  • Things to Bring: Camera, cell phone to check in on Foursquare, sunscreen, clothes appropriate for the weather, friends and family, you Rebel Without a Cause-inspired red jacket.
  • Other Interesting Attraction on and by the trail: Fairmount Historical Museum, Ivanhoe’s Restaurant, Hi-Fi Stereo Shop, James Dean’s birth site in Marion, Indiana. More dining options are available throughout Grant County.

More James Dean Events & Attractions

  • Remembering James Dean Festival: Held annually during the last full weekend of September and featuring car shows, look-alike contests, music, family entertainment and more.
  •  James Dean Memorial Service: Held annually on September 30 at Friends Church in Fairmount, Indiana, the James Dean Memorial Service celebrates the life of James Dean.
  • James Dean Gallery and Rebel Rebel Gift Shop: Explore unique James Dean memorabilia in the collection of true “Deaners” (James Dean fans). More about the James Dean Gallery.
  • Fairmount Historical Museum: A true James Dean museum, with exhibits donated by his family. Learn about James Dean and his life in Fairmount, Indiana. More about James Dean museum exhibits from the Fairmount Historical Society.
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