Nostalgic Family Road Trip to Grant County

Remember when you were a kid and your family took a road trip? You can relive those days with your family; however, with you in the driver’s seat, this time will be even more fun!  Cruise on over to Grant County for a nostalgic family road trip, complete with roadside attractions, small towns and picnic lunches. From Garfield and ice cream to root beer and James Dean, good ol’ fashioned fun is waiting around every corner.

Did you know that Fairmount, Indiana is the hometown of the famous Garfield comic strip creator Jim Davis? Both Davis’ and Garfield’s presence can be felt throughout the county along Grant County’s Garfield Trail. Be sure to visit each of the fourteen colorful statues of America’s favorite lasagna-loving, fat cat. Taking a trip along the trail is a great activity that families can enjoy together, and you’ll find lots of great photo-ops along the way.

After cruising down the Garfield Trail, head over to The Gardens of Matter Park where you can stroll through the beautiful gardens. When blue skies and warm weather come along, the gentle breeze and colorful flowers at Matter Park present the perfect daytime getaway. From beautiful water features and statues to the butterfly garden, you’ll find lots to explore. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in the meadow.

Grant County is also home to the iconic 1950s movie star, James Dean. A timeless legend, Dean grew up right here in Grant County, Indiana. Be sure to add the James Dean Birthsite Memorial to your road trip list, and learn more about Dean’s childhood. The legendary actor and his family lived in the House of Seven Gables that stood in Marion when Dean was born on February 8, 1931. This timeless memorial honors the star and the many accomplishments he made during his all too short life and acting career. Follow the James Dean Trail to discover more about the life of this iconic star.

Finish your trip with a visit to Ivanhoe’s Drive In, where you can order curbside pick-up. Locals used to enjoy a burger, fries and a milkshake at Ivanhoe’s for only 45 cents! This old-school drive-in serves up nostalgic scoops every day. Your kiddos will love choosing between 100 different flavors of shakes and sundaes.

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Grant County

About Grant County

Grant County, Indiana, is home to nifty attractions, outtasight events and rebellious celebrities. Whether it’s saddle shoes, classic cars, vintage bikes, James Dean, or Garfield, we love everything classic and cool. Have a blast just 90 minutes North of Indy.

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