Hoosier History Comes to Life at Mississinewa 1812

Experience an immersive and authentic glimpse of an important battle site of the War of 1812. This war deeply impacted Indiana. Mississinewa 1812 brings to life not only battles, but also historic lifestyles of the early 1800s.

This event has been canceled for 2024. Look for this event to be reinstated in the near future.

Mississinewa 1812 in Grant County is the largest living history event depicting the War of 1812, in the country. The weekend long, family-friendly event features a Battle of Mississinewa reenactment, British and American military encampments, a Native American village, a wilderness camp, a voyagers camp and a river town. Featuring several merchants, artisans and food vendors, the River Town is expansive.

Battle of Mississinewa Reenactment

During the Mississinewa 1812 event, daily reenactments of the Battle of Mississinewa will captivate onlookers as they witness a narrated conflict involving British, American and Native American soldiers. With authentic uniforms and weapons, these reenactments are realistic to what actually occurred on this very battle site.

Soldier Encampments

In addition to the War of 1812 battle reenactment, Mississinewa 1812 illustrates soldier encampments. British and American soldier camps are recreated showing how soldiers lived and prepared for battle. On-going demonstrations in the encampment areas include field drills, artillery firing, weapon drills and battlefield medicine.

River Town Civilian Life

In the early 1800s, Indiana was mostly unsettled and inhabited by Native Americans. As pioneers arrived, some towns sprung up, especially along riverbanks. The River Town area is the centerpiece demonstrating early 1800s life in this part of the country. River Town features merchants, artisans and food vendors. Displays and demonstrations of trades, crafts and food preparation abound. Here you’ll meet tinsmiths, silversmiths, soap makers, gunsmiths, potters, blacksmiths and weavers.

While you’ll find modern day festival food, you’ll also be able to taste early American foods typical to this time period. These might include English trap pies, barbecued chops, bratwurst, ribs and chicken, hearty stews, baked potatoes, French pastries, fry bread and ice cream. Finding these will be easy. Their delicious aromas draw you to their whereabouts.

Experience live entertainment as it would have been in early 1800s Indiana. Music, songs, games and storytelling were how these settlers relaxed and spent time with family and friends.  

Native American Village

The picketed fort and traditional long house are the main features of the Native American Village. Here you’ll see Native American life demonstrated in authentic detail. Storytellers will bring Native American legends and legacies to life.

Wilderness Camp

Trappers and French fur traders were some of the first settlers in Indiana. They set up camps in wooded areas close to rivers to trap, hunt and send their wares along the waterways. In this area, you’ll see their camps, fur pelts and how they packaged them to sell and transport. Storytellers will share tales of their rugged lifestyle and the perils of the fur trade.

Voyager Camp

Voyagers traveled along the Midwest waterways, transporting goods to buyers and sellers. Their trips up and down the rivers resulted in many adventures, including encounters with dastardly river pirates. Take a peek at their livestyle and the dangers they confronted in the Voyager Camp.

Hoosier history comes to life at Mississinewa 1812. Nowhere else will you become completely immersed in all aspects of Indiana life during the War of 1812. At this one event, you will witness the authentic lives of soldiers, craftsmen, families, traders, transporters and Native Americans.

Discounted tickets can be purchased in advance by clicking here. Tickets also available at the gate. Free parking and free shuttle service is available. Service assist animals only; otherwise, no pets allowed. 

Mississinewa 1812 is located 7 miles north of Marion and 13 miles south of Wabash on State Road 15. The address is 6000 County Rd 300 W27 in Lafontaine, Indiana.

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